Casmara Mask Facial

  • Glowing Skin like never before
  • Peel off Algae Mask to lock in hydration
casmara gold1 copy.png

All the benefits of the Kalologie Facials with the added hydration boost of an Algae Peel Off Mask. These amazing facials lower the temperature of your skin by up to 10 degrees, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to locking in hydration. Choose between a variety of masks for the perfect dewy skin! Mask options include:

  • GOLD - This treatment contains 24-carat gold dust! With an injection of vitamins, minerals this mask nourishes, revitalizes and reaffirms the skin.
  • GOJI BERRY - This mask contains a concentrate of Goji berry, Betaine Beat extract, Honey, Avocado oil and Shea butter.

  • AQUA - This mask contains kiwi extract, poppy seed and seaweed extract. Providing an intense supply of vitamins.

  • CHARCOAL - The Charcoal mask balances the skin with seaweed extract and provides skin toning due to its spectacular cold effect.

  • CINNAMON - A warming effect face mask that helps to reduce the signs of aging and improves the tone and fine lines.